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Scholl Concepts - S3 GOLD XXL - 1kg

Scholl Concepts - S3 GOLD XXL - 1kg


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New formula S3 Edition Gold XXL is a single stage, high performance cutting compound that can remove more serious defects in seconds – oxidization and grit P1500 sanding marks. When worked fully with little pressure at the end of the buffing cycle, it will finish to an incredible high gloss. It has more cut than the standard version S3 Gold.
This high performance cutting compound has been designed specifically for paint finishing work on scratch resistant surfaces, including UV cured paints. It is recommended for nearly all paint finishing applications on fresh paints.

Thanks to iPT (intelligent Powder Technology), which is based on high purity aluminium oxide, you can now remove imperfections in the top coat even quicker and easier than before. Users benefit from the high cut, the brilliant mirror gloss and the easy handling of this impressive compound.

With S3 Edition Gold XXL there is virtually no dust contamination and it won’t stick to paint, even on hot surfaces. Free of silicone, wax and toxic solvents.

Suitable for conventional and scratch-resistant paintwork, used and fresh paint, and for machine (Rotary 1500-2000 RPM or Orbital 2000-10000 RPM) or hand application.

S3 Edition Gold XXL is also ideal for paint finishing applications on polycarbonate and wood.

Cut: Extra Heavy (5/6)
Gloss: High (4/6)
Sanding Paper: P1500

Size: 1Kg

Which pads should I use with S3 Edition Gold?
The high performance cutting compound S3 Gold XXL can generally be used with all Scholl Concepts Polishing Pads.
To increase cut, remove deep scratches and P1500 scratch marks, use with a quality lambswool pad.

Use with the Purple or Blue Foam Pads to eliminate moderate to deep scratches and P2000 scratch patterns.

Use S3 Edition Gold XXL with the Orange Foam Pad for final, hologram-free finishing. Polishing with moderate pressure in combination with the a medium pad enables efficient removal of holograms and swirl marks. See the S3 Edition Gold video to see how one compound and one pad can be utilised through to final finishing.

With S3 Edition Gold XXL you determine the level of cut and shine with your choice of pad.

For manual application, use the premium foam White Hand Puck, which gives even pressure distribution when removing scratches by hand.

Can I remove scratches by hand with S3 Edition Gold?
With S3 Gold XXL defects can be successfully removed by hand - even deep swirls and moderate scratches. If hazing is evident after application on softer paints, follow up with a finer applicator and a finer compound or all in one polish, such as S30+, S40 or A15+.

Apply a few small drops of S3 Edition Gold XXL directly on the applicator and a few small drops on the surface to be polished. Rub with moderate pressure, in circular or straight line movements (according to your preference/technique). If the applicator starts to dry, apply a few more drops of S3 Edition Gold and continue polishing.

Do not apply too much polishing compound as it will build a lubricating film which hinders the removal rate. Wipe off polish residue with a soft polishing cloth.

Additional applications for S3 Edition Gold
S3 Edition Gold XXL is a highly effective, single stage compound for lacquered wood, plastic gelcoats and polycarbonates. It gives an unrivalled finish in a single step process and is fast and clean to work with.

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